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Who we are

Franzini footwear is designed, produced and marketed by Niki shoe factory, a historical Italian factory that has been a union between craftsmanship, passion and innovation since the very beginning. The brand is distributed in most of the Italian and International market and is synonymous of quality and style Made in Italy. It's possible to find Franzini footwear in selected stores and boutiques, as well as in the official Franzini store, located in Verona in the place where Vanny Franzini, the founder of Franzini srl, started his activity with a craft workshop.

Made in Italy

Franzini shoes are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy using leather tanned in our country, they are also free from substances harmful for the skin. We operate in respect of the environment and with production techniques that respect people's health. Continuous research allows us to create collections that are always in step with the times, both in terms of design and materials and the functionality of the shoe. The values ​​that distinguish us are respect for the environment, quality, innovation, craftsmanship and passion.


We work with passion with the aim of creating comfortable and quality footwear, through which each of us can express our style without sacrificing elegance and fashion. We strive for excellence by combining the most modern Italian artisan production techniques. We aim for excellence and perfection and we want to spread our values ​​and know-how in the world, enhancing the style of people with shoes that convey elegance, pleasure and well-being.